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Welcome to the “Tölzl Hof”

Our farm is located in a sunny south-facing position, surrounded by orchards, embedded in the mountain landscape of the South Tyrolean Dolomites near the historic town of Brixen. Our farm was rebuilt in 2015 and has three comfortable and stylish furnished apartments. Local and sustainable materials decorate our natural farm and the accommodations are designed with a great attention to detail. Our friendly and bright apartments will be your retreat, a home away from everyday life. It does not matter whether you just want to switch off or you are looking for a varied active holiday, our Tölzlhof is the most beautiful stay for anyone who loves to spend a lot of time in nature.

Furthermore, a loving farm dog, horses, goats, chickens and quails live on our natural farm.

Our cattle breeding

Our cattle breeding

We breed “Pustertal Sprinzen” (a typical cattle from the valley Pusteria) and South Tyrolean gray cattles. We keep our cattles close to nature in the open stables with unrestricted access to pasture.

Undisturbed alpine summer

Undisturbed alpine summer

Our cattles feel at home on the alpine pastures above Brixen in summer. In autumn they return to our stable, relaxed.

Sheep breeding

Sheep breeding

Our Jura sheeps also live close to nature in the open stable and spend the warm summer days on the alpine pastures.

Alpen Flair

At the largest festival in South Tyrol, the “Alpen Flair”, we already have our loyal regular customers in the house. We therefore ask you not to send us any inquiries about the Alpen Flair Week. Many Thanks!

Farm with tradition

The name Tölzl goes back to an old estate. Many generations lived and worked here and made it what it is today.

The “Tölzlgütl”, the name of the farm hundreds of years ago, can look back on a long history. The first owner mentioned in a document, came from Bad Tölz in Bavaria and the farm itself was assigned to the landlord Kloster Neustift, to whom he was obliged to pay interest until the 17th century.


In 1983 the “Tölzlgut” was passed from Balbina Unterkircher (born 1924) to her daughter Margherita Überbacher and her husband Wilhelm Burger.


In 2016 the fields passed over to Margherita and Wilhelm’s son. Wilhelm moved the historic, but no longer existing Tölzl farmhouse, to Brixen and built it next to his “Mühlhaisl”, which was a newly built farm in 2015, including a feed house and stables. Since then, he and his family, operate an agricultural and livestock farming on the property.


In 2019 the "Mühlhaisl" is renamed "Tölzlhof".